MDQ, LLC v. Gilbert, Kelly, Crowley & Jennett LLP

The four plaintiffs in this interpleader action (MDQ entities) are limited liability companies that hold production rights or are producers in different territories of a Tony-award winning Broadway musical, "Million Dollar Quartet." MDQ entities filed a complaint in interpleader, alleging conflicting claims by Cleopatra and Gilbert Kelly for those portions of distributions owed to Mutrux that had not otherwise been assigned to Katell Productions. MDQ entities deposited the distributions and undertook to add any future distributions not owed and remitted to Katell Productions to the interpleaded funds. At issue on appeal was which adverse claimant was entitled to the interpleaded funds: a judgment creditor with a properly recorded judgment lien, or an assignee who did not file a financing statement with respect to distributions irrevocably assigned to it by the judgment debtor before the judgment lien was recorded. The court held that, although the assignment created a security interest, the judgment creditor was entitled to the interpleaded funds because its recorded judgment lien had priority over the unperfected security interest. In this case, there was no error in the trial court's judgment releasing the interpleaded funds to Cleopatra and ordering the MDQ entities to pay all subsequent monies otherwise payable to Mutrux, except those allocated to Katell Productions, to Cleopatra, until the judgment was satisfied. The court also held that the trial court did not abuse its discretion in ordering Gilbert Kelly to pay attorney fees and costs. View "MDQ, LLC v. Gilbert, Kelly, Crowley & Jennett LLP" on Justia Law